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 Arrei Products Inc opened in February of 2018 with an objective to create a dependable online source for knitting yarn. With complaints about dye lot changes when needing more skeins to finish a project or a yarn being discontinued by the manufacturer leaving unfinished blankets and articles of clothing forlornly gathering dust. Arrei Products Inc was determined to help complete these unfinished masterpieces by stocking enough yarn on colors that are soon to be discontinued. 

In order to combat the dye lot changes, Arrei Products Inc began selling yarn in larger bunches. This way customers can be confident that they are getting the same dye lot right from the start! The website was renamed Craft Bunch and has been selling yarn and an ever increasing catalog of crafts by the bunches!

Of course offering the collections in bulk, means saving bunches at checkout as well. Providing value and service in bunches remains our guiding motto. 








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