Quilt Pattern"Chopsticks" with Ruler CGRT12560 Set

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Get this popular pattern "Chopsticks" with matching ruler from Creative Grids CGRT12560

  • Get this popular pattern "Chopsticks" from Jaybird Quilts by Julie Herman with matching ruler from Creative Grids CGRT12560!
  • Pattern size options - Baby, Lap, Twin, King
  • Creative Grids 60 degree triangle 12-1/2in quilt ruler by Rachel Cross - total size - 12-1/2in x 14-3/4in
  • Use ruler to cut 30 and 60 degree angles up to a finished height of 12in. This 60 degree equilateral triangle features easy to read black and white markings. A 1/4in dashed line is printed on each side of the center vertical line so you can cut 30 degree triangles that include the seam allowance.

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