Gutermann Sew All Polyester Thread

Gutermann Sew All Polyester Thread

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Product Description

Black 1000mtr/1094yd Sew-All Polyester Thread

Set Contains:

1 x spool of thread

  • The Gutermann Sew-All Thread is the correct sewing thread for all materials and seams.
  • It is exceptionally suitable for stitching with a sewing machine or by hand, regardless of the stitch type - the Sew-All Thread is designed to handle all demands.
  • The particularly high-quality and uniform sewing thread guarantees optimal sewing without fibre lint.
  • Strong and durable seams result from the high tear and abrasion resistance of the sewing thread.
  • The brilliant colours with silk-like gloss lend the seam a high-quality and elegant appearance.