(4) 220 YD Spools Aurifil 50 wt Quilter's Choice Set of Essential Piecing Thread Colors Bundle of 4 Spools

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Uses: 1. Machine piecing: Gives a great result with a nice flat seam every time. 2. Hand piecing : A great weight for hand piecing. 3. Hand applique' : Ideal for all types of hand applique' . From needle turning to using prepared shapes, the 50wt is thin and you can match your shape perfectly. 4. Machine applique' : Ideal when a very fine finish is desired. This weight disappears so your fabric is the feature. Use for a straight stitch, small zig zag, Blind hemming stitch, and Blanket stitch. 5. Machine embroidery: Love it! Great results every time. Use Mako 50wt in the bobbin as well, or your regular bobbin thread – in which case tighten the top tension a little. Use a Microtex 80/12 needle. 6. Machine quilting: Use for very detailed machine quilting with a lot of back tracking such as feathers and heavy background quilting . Perfect for quilting that creates texture when you don’t necessarily want to see the quilting lines. Use the same thread in the bobbin. Use a Sharp/Microtex, quilting or even denim needles 80/12. 7. Longarm quilting: Perfect for creating texture where you don’t want the thread to be a feature. Backgrounds, stitch in the ditch, basting quilts, wholecloth quilting, micro quilting for dense background designs. Match bobbin thread.

  • Quilter's Choice Set of Essential Piecing Colors - Four (4) 220 Yard Spools: The Colors You'll Need for Hand and Machine Piecing
  • Aurifil 100% Egyptian Cotton Mako Long Staple Thread
  • Aurifil 50wt Your Best Piecing and Appliqué Thread. Virtually Lint Free – Achieve Very Accurate Seam Allowances
  • Colors included: Aurifil No. and color name: 2021, Natural White. Aurifil's color name accurately describes its color; Aurifil No. and color name: 2310, Light Beige. May also be accurately described as off white; Aurifil No. and color name: 2600, Dove. This thread is light grey in color; Aurifil No. and color name: 2620, Stainless Steel. This is medium grey in color.
  • Spools are Brand New Sealed in Factory Shrink Wrap