2 Scrap Bags! - 1 by Moda Fabrics and 1 by Ruby Star Society

  • $26.99

Two bags, one pulled from the Ruby Star by Ruby Star for Moda and one Moda scrap bag. Each scrap bag weighs between 10 - 12 ounces, depending on the manufacturer. There are at least eight different fabrics - 2 1/2-inches to 17-inches wide by 44-inches long. This bundle was put together and machine cut in house. All fabrics are 100% cotton and quilt shop quality fabrics.

  • No guarantees of the scrap bags contents!! May contain all solids, all prints, or an assortment. Selvage may be included along the entire length of some strips.
  • 2 bags of fabric scraps, 100 percent cotton fabric; quilt and fashion weight; cut and packaged by Moda Fabrics
  • Each bag includes approximately 1/2 lb of fabric in strips of varying lengths and widths.